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Croatian game developer Croteam is nearing completion of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, the follow-up to GodGames' popular first-person shooter Serious Sam: The First Encounter. According to the developer, most of the development team's time is now being spent hunting down and fixing bugs, although the team is also testing deathmatch maps. In addition, the company revealed that design work has already begun on the next Serious Sam adventure, which may include outer space environments.

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter will let players again assume the role of Sam "Serious" Stone, a hero sent back through time to save the human race. To complete their mission, players must fight through a series of levels filled with dangerous monsters and enemies.

Although Serious Sam: The Second Encounter is close to completion according to Croteam, a representative for Take-Two Interactive told GameSpot that the game's release has been pushed back to spring 2002.

posted on 13th November, 2001.

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