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Webmaster's Log (yeah I have one too):
EarthDate: October 26th, 2001.

After countless deliberations and a slight dislocated shoulder from the fight with my co-webmaster on my other site - SpiderSting - about me going solo, I decided to come out with The Game anyways. Well, don't get me wrong SpiderSting is a great site. But you are bound to have artistic differences with your colleagues. So did I. Although the basic layout of SpiderSting was done by me - hence the obvious similarity in how the both sites look like - I felt it wasn't wholly my vision. So I decided to come up with a site that was entirely my visualization. 
The Game is entirely my creation. I started it out on my own with help from a very good friend - Hitech Sweetheart ;) - it's just in it's infancy now. Hope it grows up to be a phenomenon someday. 

My name is Shaan. I live in a small country in South East Asia called Bangladesh. It's beside India. Living in the the middle of nowhere of the gaming map of the world hasn't stopped me from getting my hands on the latest games. Kudos to whoever came up with the internet for that. I started playing games pretty young. I knew how to play ‘PONG’ before I could read. ‘River Raid’ took most of my time up while my other buddies were outside playing in the mud. Mario was my hero until I found out becoming a plumber when you grow up is not a wise career decision or so my mom would lead me to believe. Wanted a haircut like Sonic’s, couldn’t find a hair gel strong enough (honest).

Due to the FBI chasing her for some federal offenses I can't divulge Hitech's real name. She lives in Philadelphia and has been a dear and sweet friend for a long long time now. The only girl I know who plays games and who can kick my butt in UT Hitech's studying Biotechnology. Her favorite game is Soul Calibur on the DreamCast. Hitech chose the color scheme for the site. I sort of like the golden tint to the site anyways, besides I thought agreeing with her was my only way to get into bed with her later this year {she cleared that out :( } 

The site mainly does reviews of the latest games that we can afford to buy in a month. You see we are very passionate about gaming. We sort of think that if you are gonna pay good money to play games, you should know which games to buy. Since both of us live with our parents - yeah yeah - we sort of get to spend whatever money we earn on games. So after we order the games over the Internet and they get to me about a fortnight later, we play them for 6 hours each. First we play the game to judge it's merit and gameplay then with full cheats turned on we check out the enemy AI, we skip levels to check out level designs. Graphics we look at and marvel or in most cases gasp. Sounds and music we hear. We then decide how cool the game is. Then we just write down everything. The recipe for our reviews. After that we swap reviews by email, criticize it and then we upload it. We welcome other reviewers to the site. You can download our review guidelines from here.

Previews, we don't get to do a lot of previews. Since we do this on our own initiative we have to get in touch with developers and talk to them about their upcoming games. Most of the times they don't reply to our emails. So previews are few and far in between.

We don't make any money of this site, yet. hope that's gonna change someday. But until then it's love for games that's gonna keep this site alive. So hurry up send me ads, coz seeing the quality of games these days I have lost that loving feeling. 

The site has been designed using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and all the graphics are designed on Adobe Photoshop 6.0.