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From the makers of Subspace comes Infantry - a tactical squad based military action game currently in open beta. The game features are listed below:

- 150+ players per game arena with arenas linkable by portals to create a massive game universe.

- Harmless Games new and proprietary 2D graphics engine features on the fly level creation, oodles of lighting effects that allows for a fully dynamic world.

- Dozens of different vehicle types for players to use. Tanks, buggies, jetpacks, hover boards, bikes, skimmers, flyers, transport craft, ambulances and even tunneling machines.

- Developing storyline. Infantry will feature one of the most fully realised SF settings ever. We hope players will enjoy the depth of the background as they alter the course of the games universe.

- Multi-man vehicles. Vehicles will be capable of carrying and using numerous crew members. For example, to use a battle tank successfully you will need a tank commander, (in the turret hatch to direct fire); a gunner, (to fire the main tank cannon); a driver, (to drive the thing); a hull gunner, (to operate the hull machine gun); and a technical officer, (to man the built in tank sensors, ECM and comms devices). In addition to that the tank can carry 4 passengers to disembark when a little "leg work" is required. Each crew position has its own hit points and damage record so tanks can be damaged in all sorts of ways.

- Detailed communications system. Players will not only be able to set up whatever channels they wish and have all the usual features of macros, etc. but also be able to store messages to squad members which get delivered next time they are online.

- Hundreds of weapons. Infantry boasts over 200 different weapons... here is a sample. Lasers, pistols, rifles, carbines, SMG’s, slug throwers, shotguns, regular grenades, smoke & phosphorus grenades, anti-tank rockets, anti-personnel rockets, mines, flame-throwers, mortars, artillery, heavy and light machine guns, scatter pack weapons, sonic weapons, explosive demolition charges, static emplacement guns, bunkers and a bunch of other stuff.

- Advanced line of sight. Players are able to purchase head cams which allow each other to share line of sight with their team mates and share tactical information. In addition players can use cameras, drones and even Psionic abilities to snoop into are as beyond their vision and lay ambushes for unwary enemies.

- Loads of equipment. Players will be able to use (if their character has the skill) from a huge range of equipment including the following. Medikits, lockpicks, mechanic kits, dozens of armor types from bullet proof vests, stealth suits to full power armor suits, emplacements (build your own base), shields, tactical systems (for example you can draw waypoints for your fellows to follow on a full screen radar display), infra red and UV goggle systems, mine detectors, repair kits, hacking kits to name but a few, (hey, we need to keep some surprises for you).

- Psionics. Powers of the mind which allow amazing feats. These powers include the following each is its own specialty. Clairvoyance, (allows players to sense life forms through walls etc, improves with skill); Mind assault, (literally tears apart an opponent's mind); Telekinesis, (allows players to “push” objects. A master can throw a human being at high speeds using only his mind); Pyrokinesis, (creates flame, users can make fireballs and walls of flame). But psionics are not without weaknesses, they have difficulty using high technology and use of their mighty powers leaves them exhausted and vulnerable.

- Numerous environments from boarding actions between two starships, desperate fights on board hollowed out asteroids, the depths of Jupiter's moon Europa’s oceans to the methane atmosphere of Titan Saturn's prosperous colony to the horror of the lonely Triton slowly orbiting Neptune. Infantry scales the solar system.

- Huge maps. You are going to have a lot of room to explore.