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To all want-to-be cricket team managers.........
I was always against the game of cricket for the PC. Its just isnít right. Cricket requires precise timing and very keen observation. Games like Brian Lara Cricket, EA Sports Cricket series might provide some fun for the gamers but it never can capture the gameís true passion. The fun in charging the bowler down the wicket when he bowls a bad ball or the other way when a bowler decide to ball a wideish delivery when he sees the batsman giving him the charge, can never be captured in a game until maybe someday when we play it in virtual reality. But this really divergent game of cricket has changed my mind. 

The first cricket game I played in the comfort of my living room was Brian Lara Cricket 95 for the Sega Mega Drive 2 and after that played Brian Lara Cricket 96 and many others followed them on the PC, basically the EA Sports Cricket series. But the bug plagued games never appealed to me. But ICC Cricket Captain 2000 is not at all like the traditional games of cricket for the video games systems. The game has the Real Time Strategy genre flowing within its mainstreams. In this game you assume the role of the captain of the team of your choice, either international or county, and lead them to ODI and Test matches during a whole season of Cricketing fixture.

The only problem is that it doesnít do justice to its name. Itís more like taking the job of the manager of the team. In fact you are the one and only man running the whole team. You decide which player to play in a certain match by looking at their fitness and form. You get the option to choose from a huge pool of players. The players have their stats from different form of the game- the first-class matches, general One-dayers, ODI and Test matches. You see the playerís performances in the domestic leagues and the international scene and add new players to the national side. Its not like that you can just play your best players and get away with winning every match. There are injury problems and there is always the question of fitness and form. You need to send your players to the trainers, or the physiotherapists after every match so that they are ready for the next match in the schedule. These are pre match preparations.

During the match you are responsible for each and every decisions and actions of your players. While batting you decide when your player will play defensive and when to break the shackles and go after the bowling. You need to see the conditions of the day of play and also the pitch and keep them under consideration while making your decisions. For example, in an ODI match, on a batting pitch, you decide to bat first, and then send in your pinch-hitters and notch up as many runs in the first 15 overs. Then play moderately and score more runs during the slog overs, or when you are sent in to bat in a bad pitch you play defensively from the start and try to build a moderate total. When your opponents come out to bat they will have the same trouble, not if more, to score the runs. During bowling use full advantage of the pitch and use your bowlers accordingly. The overs are all computer-generated; itís only the decisions that you have to make.

The game supports a maximum of 800x600 resolution. The graphics is nothing special, but anyway you donít need it cause you arenít playing, itís the decisions that counts. You can just cruise through the overs seeing ball-to-ball analysis of the game. Or you can choose the highlights option to show the things that you want to see, like the wickets, 4ís and 6ís and also the chances put down by the fielders. Its like watching cricket on TV, barring the match-fixing shit. The sounds are crisp and enjoyable. The controls are basically using the mouse and are really easy. The game supports single player game, 1-on-1 and also features multiplayer support. Thatís about the gameís features. The only thing bad about the game is the save feature. You canít save without exiting a game and that means you canít exit without saving a game. Therefore if you want to undo an unwanted action you will have to hard-boot out of the game and restart from a previous save point. This can be annoying at times. 

All in all the game is a good investment for any cricket lover. If you are a RTS fan its even better. So go ahead and get the game. Captaining can be fun and at the same time it's a great responsibility


Game Info

Game Name: International Cricket Captain 2000

Genre: Sports Management
Publisher: Empire Interactive.
Reviewed by:
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Game Score: [Five lightning rating]

Story / Plot:
Reviewer's Tilt :

Game Tested on:

- PIII 800 Mhz
- 128 MB RAM
- Savage 4 16MB
- Windows ME

The Good:Easy controls, Cricket is fun, great gameplay. Good AI.
The Bad: Lousy save feature
The Ugly: All players are four pixels tall... even Ambrose