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Well what to say about the game. It is a sequel to one of the most popular sports sim by Activision. It has matched its predecessor and outdid it by some margin. The boys at Activision certainly know how to make a sequel and hook the players to the game. I am the biggest fan of the EA Sports FIFA series. I bought FIFA 2001 and this THPS2 together and I ended up playing THPS2 for the next 5 days without even touching FIFA 2001. This game is so addictive. The game has lots of modes to tinker with. I never played THPS so can't tell what are the additions and upgrade, but I can tell you one thing that it is a hell of a game as it is.

The graphics of the game is something. The characters in the game are very well done and the skate parks are some sight to see. I skated around each level just to see the level designing and found out that the wow factor really kicks in. The game animations are just as good. When you perform a trick you successfully the skater continues to skate without any graphical flaws, but a failure to perform makes the skater fall on his back or face down and boy I actually felt the pain when blood splashed out of the face. If someone crashes on the ramp the skater slides down on his knees and let me not elaborate the scene when I slipped on a rail with the rail hitting my jewels. Players get to skateboard on several of the best skate places available on this small planet. You even get to skate in a secret level named "Skate Heaven", talk about an out-of-this-world experience. Talking about secrets, every level has its own secret areas and they are a must to be found if all the goals in the level are to be reached. Some of the secrets are a killer to find and will only present themselves by accident while others just call out to you. You have to perform all the goals if you are to completely finish the level, and that can be difficult at times as they are needed to be performed on the within a short time. There are three competitions and one has to let loose some great skills to win the Gold. On reaching goals in the levels you earn money and this money is really crucial. You being a Pro, skateboarding is your living. You need the money to get about your life that is only about skateboarding. Buy new skateboards, improve your stats and learn new tricks with the hard earned dough. The game has some secret characters that open when you perform something special in a certain level. The secret characters are a surprise. One of them is our friendly neighborhood superhero- that should be a good enough hint for Marvel fans. Oops, there goes another hint. Players can perform numerous moves, building up moves to perform a combo and earn some really good points. Moves like grinds, kick flip are easy to perform, grind being my favorite.

The sound effects in the game are something to look forward to. You can actually here the wheels of you board spinning, and the environment sounds are really cool. The wolf cries runs a chill down our spine while going for the tape in the secret area in the hangar. The music is fantastic. The tracks used in the game are very well selected and they really add up to the game's excitement.

The game has a very well done customizing option. Create a new skater to play with. You can change his appearance down to his skin color, hair, clothes, shoes and his skateboards. The readymade players feature pro skaters from all around the globe. Skaters like Tony Hawks, Steve Caballero and Eric Koston come alive in your Computer monitor in incredible detail. All of them have two different appearances just in case you feel bored seeing your skater in only one set of clothing. The game features an inbuilt level creator that allows you to create your dream skate park, with just some clicks of your mouse or keyboard. The level creator is simple to use and it takes just a few minute before you can skate in pride in your self-made park.

However the game really asks for a game-pad. I performed the tricks more effectively with my pad than I did with the keyboard. This game is a good reason to get yourself a game-pad, that much I can guarantee.

All in all, this game will enlist itself as one of the greatest sports sim ever, and if you haven't tried it yet, you're gonna miss something and then don't tell me that I didn't tell you anything about it. This message goes out for all the Bangladeshi people: You will never be able to skateboard in Dhaka, atleast not safely. So get yourself THPS2 and do your gaming heart a favor, atleast you will be able to say, "I skateboarded".


Game Info

Game Name: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Genre: Sports.
Publisher: Activision
Reviewed by:
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Game Score: [Five lightning rating]

Story / Plot:
Reviewer's Tilt :

Game Tested on:

- PIII 550 MHz
- 128 MB RAM
- Savage 4 16MB
- Windows 98

The Good: Gameplay, Graphics, Controls, music, customizability.
The Bad: Player detail need more tune up.
The Ugly: That fat police dude.