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Where do you draw the line between action movies and action games? Well don't ask this man he's just gonna whoop your ass in slow mo.


The latest RPG from Tom Hall, with the weirdest bunch of characters ever. This old guy in the screenshot is one of the game's heroes.....nuff said.

COMMANDOES 2: Men Of Courage:

The follow-up to one of the best strategy games ever, Commandoes 2 puts you in the middle of WWII, with the intensity and reality of the war surrounding you. 


Games Listed Alphabetically. Scroll Through. 

- A -

Airfix Dogfighter

Action Paradox Toy planes, you fly them, shoot other tell me.
Anachronox RPG EIDOS American RPG.......Surprisingly good
Arcanum RPG Sierra My life an RPG....very immersive
- B -
- C -
Cricket 2000 Sports EA Sports Cricket on the PC, nuthin less nuthin more
- D -
Ducati World Racing Challenge Racing Simulation Acclaim Ducati must have regretted even being associated with this license
Deus Ex First Person Shooter / RPG Ion Storm Bring on the hybrid Era
Desperados Strategy SpellBound Wild, Wild, HARD West.
- E -
- F -
FIFA 2001 Sports EA sports the best game in the series.
Final Fantasy 8 RPG Squaresoft the world's worst port.......maybe
- G -
- H -
- I -
International Cricket Captain 2000 Sports management Empire Interactive Cricket management and coaching at it's best.
- J -
- K -
Kiss Psycho Circus: The nightmare child First Person Shooter God Games KISS: One thing they didn't like was gimmicks`
- L -


- M -
MDK 2 Third Person Action BioWare A dog, A sniper, a crazy doc. 3 gr8 games in 1
Metal Gear Solid  Tactical Espionage Action Konami The coolest game ever to come to the PC from the console world.
Max Payne Third Person Action Remedy If John Woo made a game guess what'd he call it?
- N -
NHL 2002 Sports EA Sports The best game on Virtual ice.
- O -
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Military SImulation/ FPS Bohemia Interactive it's the cold war, you are fighting commies, get to it soldier.
- P -
- Q -
- R -
Red Faction FPS Voliton Mars and socialism....which geek wrote this story??
- S -
Serious Sam: The first Encounter FPS Croteam Call me me Serious Sam, seriously.
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces FPS Raven Software Trekkies rejoice, the best game in Star Trek history.
- T -
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Sports Neversoft The best skating game ever.
- U -
- V -
- W -
- X -
- Y -
- Z -